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We have a large selection of tyres in our stock and welcome our costumers without bookings – that's how we do business.

We are distributed in 13 tyre stores in the German speaking part of Switzerland – in canton Lucerne, Aargau, Basel, Zürich and Solothurn.

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Our prizes are competitive and our expertice is great. We will fit, change, storage your wheels and also repair them, if you wish.

From Tyre Service, Tyre storage, purchases to wheel alignment and rim repair, wheel repair – Pneuhaus Frank is specialized around the wheel.

We`re probably the largest independent tyre company  in Switzerland.

For us the Quality and safe driving, especially during the winter time is one of the most important points, that we care of.

We also stock a wide range of car batteries to fair conditions. Please check our car-battery-service, we’re glad to support you.

Stay ready to start your car and be sure the car battery works!

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When should I fit winter tyres?
Winter tyre change
Which is the right moment to change to winter tyres?

In Switzerland, we have the October-to-Easter (O to E) rule, that reminds car drivers, when’s the best time to change tires from summer to winter and the way back.

If you live in or drive the mountains, you’ll be safe, to change the winter tires with the beginning of October or sooner, than in urban areas.

Otherwise you can use the weather as your tyre-fit-guide: if the outdoor temperature falls below seven degrees Celsius, the time has come to switch to winter tyres.

In Switzerland, there is no legal obligation to fit your vehicle with winter tires. however, drivers must always maintain control of their vehicle.

Please don’t wait for the first snowfall! In our opinion it is worth changing the winter tire, a couple of weeks before the first snow falls.

Winter driving tips for expats in Switzerland
Driving in Switzerland at winter time

Even though winter tires are not compulsory during winter, it is strongly advisable to have them fitted on your car between October and April.

Swiss winter land: All you need to know about driving in snowy conditions — driving in winter won’t be much trouble if you’re well-prepared.

Please note that due to heavy snowfall some roads, especially mountain passes, are closed during winter.

It is not compulsory to have winter tires but strongly recommended. In case of an accident, you may be found liable if the car isn’t equipped properly.

Winter tyres are necessary in snowy areas in Switzerland and required during certain times of the year. During the same time in winter, on top of the mountains, snow chains are required by law, because of the amount of snow.

Did you know the difference between changing tyres and changing wheels?

The Tyre change work, contains on pulling off the tyre from the rim before another tyre will fitted to the same rim again.

When changing a wheel, the complete wheel (tyre and rim together) will be changed.

When do I have to change my tyres?

The conditions of your tyres influence your safety on the road.

Old, worn tyres should not be let out of sight. It is always a good advice to monitor the shape of your tyres and change them in good state.

Summer tyres? Winter tyres? All season tyres?

One simple rule says to fit summer tyres between easter and october in Switzerland.

Most summer tyres are made for temperatures over seven degrees Celsius. Otherwise, under seven degrees Celsius, you should fit winter tyre or all season tyre.

In general, winter tyres are made to use in cold conditions, under seven degrees celsius.

Otherwise, if you’re not daily in the snow/ice in Live urban the all season tyre can be a good option.

And if you need support – we’re specialized in tyre fitting:

We provide the service of tyre fitting for cars, SUVs, off-road, light Trucks, delivery trucks and many more.

We’re educated in repair parking damages on the rims, wheels and also repairing tyres.

We`re specialised in tyre fitting Service for Expats and locals.

If you need support, to replace or change the Winter tyres – let us know

If you search for a partner, who stores your tyres? We keep them safe for you, in our „tyre hotel“. 🙂

We`re the easy way for Expats around tyre Service (fit and change) and interior cleaning for the car in Switzerland. Regardless of this is a leasing or rental vehicle. (rent car)
We also offer Car pick up service. Our trained employess pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you (fetch and bring)

We`re glad to support you
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Are winter tyres compulsory in switzerland ?
Is there a winter tyre law in switzerland?
Are winter tyres compulsory in front of the law in switzerland ?

In Switzerland, there is no legal requirement for winter tyres, that forces the driver to fit them. The driver ist free to fit them.

However, drivers must always maintain control of their vehicle.

Furthermore, in case of an accident, the driver may be found liable if the car is not properly equipped for the winter. According the Swiss road traffic act (Art. 29) all vehicles on Swiss roads must be in roadworthy conditions. This is the responsibility of the car drivers themselves.